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This sounds wonderful!!


Although pesto usually includes cheese, vegan pesto is brilliant and super easy to make! You can pretty much make any combination you like as long as you have some nuts, herbs and oil! Here’s one I made last night using random bits and bobs I had left over from my weeks dinners!

What you need:

  • 25g fresh coriander
  • 25g fresh basil
  • 10g fresh mint
  • ground nut oil/ olive oil/ any oil you fancy
  • 1 x lime (you only need the juice!)
  • 40g peanuts
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 fresh chilli
  • 1 inch fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp sugar (if needed)

what you do:

  1. Throw everything in a blender (except the sugar) with 2 tbsp oil and BLEND!
  2. If it looks a little dry add a little drizzle of oil and blend again!
  3. Now taste it. if its a little bitter add some sugar and blend.
  4. Cook up some pasta and fry some other…

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….Gonna try these recipes soon. Click here to get the “raw” recipe (without adaptations, etc) the password is vegdread

Left to Right

First Row– Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream” … Coconut Curry Crockpot …  Quinoa Stuffed Peppers Southwest Style

Second Row – Vegan Lasagna … Whole Grain Platter … Peanut Stew

Third Row – Protein Bites

You know I will either rave about a recipe, complain about the recipe or change it so much that it won’t even look like the original! HAHA.

If you try any of these recipes either on “Road Tests” or this page’s link to “Recipes I’d Like to Try” please let me know!! I’d love to hear feedback on this stuff.

Happy Weekend to everyone!


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Here is the progress of my dd’s mushroom “kit” she received from Santa 😉

Taken over a course of a week from the start of the spores forming…


They were fabulous! They were delicate, light and delicious sauteed.

Get your own kit here ~ ‘SHROOMS



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…love that song.

Made some edits and additions to several of my boards. Check them out!

We’re still here in veganville haha. Plugging along, trying new recipes or at least gathering new ones to try 😀

I spend a lot of time looking for ideas on Pinterest. That site, like StumbleUpon, is deadly…a huge time sucker…so I usually only go there every so often.

DS is back and had a nice spring break. I miss him already. DD continues to work and play/practice her instruments and plan for college. All else is same/good…so long as distances are kept, it’s all good.



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I mean just look at it!!  {This calzone was made by LaBorgata Pizzeria and Restaurant. Their cannolis are also AMAZING!}

I love, love, LOVE, calzones. The rich creamy goodness of the ricotta and the melty cheese….o.m.g.  I like them plain the best but in order to eat something that makes me feel like

 I’m eating something good for me, I usually get a spinach one.

Now when I first got this monstrosity I had never seen a calzone shaped like this. I have only ever seen the half-moon shape. This design is easier to cut and portion out but it looks like a snake haha.

One day when I went to pick up my order, the owner’s wife told me that it really doesn’t matter what size you order, he just makes it bigger anyway and goes a little nuts with it. Too funny. After she says this to me she rolls her eyes … I feel her pain…after all I’ve been with the same guy for over 31 years. I know her angst haha. They are  this older married couple, short, Italian, with white hair, both with glasses and are so very cute. He putzes around and does his thing and gets all excited when you come to get a calzone. Something I’ve witnessed in the past…he doesn’t get all excited when you come to get a pizza ~ too funny.

While this amazing piece of culinary delight is not vegan, it is vegetarian and therefore, okay to eat … I said so. It’s a rule.

Finally something close to New York style pizza in this town. YAY!

Have a wunderbar evening!

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