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No Never!!!!

OK that was a corny title. Oh well, you can’t say I didn’t try. Plus it rhymes…that alone makes it magical.

Let’s face it, burritos can be a boon to vegetarians and vegans … much like the “wrap” has made life so much easier for lots of people. This, however has never been a huge surprise to me. I grew up around Latin cultured people. A “wrap” was “tortilla with (insert filling here) in it” that’s all… or someone would say, “can I have a cheese tortilla?” and this means you heat a tortilla on a gas flame and dump some cheese in, fold it in thirds and whala..a wrap/portable quesadilla/tortilla y queso.  So I have found all this “spinning” of a simple way of eating annoying.

And before I get off my soapbox …. a burrito, imho, is a tortilla with beans and rice and that’s all. Some condiments maybe and maybe sometimes a hunk of meat but I just don’t see making into this HUGE amazing new thing by chain restaurants.

Oh and don’t get me started on the chimichanga…

Why did I go on and on about all this? Just to tell you that there’s a review of the Green Pepper restaurant (a burrito joint if you will) on my PIG OUT page. Check it out!




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No wonder she hasn’t had time to come to my house to teach me her wisdom! Watch this, it’s great!!!

I’ll be back soon with a restaurant review!


Save the Kales!

Here it is! The first full episode! Wow!

In this episode, we go to the Fresh Tofu, Inc.factory. President of the company, Gary, tells us about how they got started (a vegan food truck in the 1970’s – this guy is awesome) and you can buy their products in and around Pennsylvania, and they also supply to some “high profile” NYC restaurants and businesses.

Then back at the kitchen, we make a Tofu Garlic and Basil “Ricotta” Pizza with Fresh Arugula and Lemon. PLUS my Sunday Morning Tofu Scramble — a true weekend staple in the Karpovich/Hill household.

Finally, our friend Johnny Gee from the blog Johnnysizedjoins us to share the meal and talk about how going on a plant-based diet has helped him lose over 70 pounds (to date, currently) and get off ALL medications.

You can find the recipes below.



  • pizza…

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I‘m serious…this stuff even I could eat every day… even the veganized version I make for the girl child.

I use it as a base and go on from there. But I do intend to get the spice mix down so I can just make a jar of it and have it handy all the time because that’s what makes it R A W K….

Tonight (forgot to take a photo) I made it in a frenzy because I forgot to make dinner. Just lost track of time. I made the entire meal in about 15 minutes. I will post tonight’s version on my Road Tests Page….

I buy it whenever it’s on sale. They sell it at Wegman’s and Fresh Market (FM). FM is a little pricier but closer to me than the nearest Wegman’s. I usually buy it at 2/$5.00  You can also order online from the Snapdragon Company along with their other (I’m sure) delicious choices. I have a feeling that their “Indonesian Peanut” variety is the same as the one pictured here but used for a different demographic.

I also want to make my own seitan. I have a mix so I’ll start from there. No, this isn’t a random remark, it’s relevant because I use it in this dish a lot. If I can deal with the mix, then I think I can handle doing the real thing but first things first… I tried the easiest method i.e., buy at Wegman’s in vacuum sealed pouches (I buy cubed for convenience, it’s the same price)… second is the easier method i.e., the mix. But I’m not quite sure third will be considered easy but I will have to let you know.

I’ve not been around for quite some time. Been super busy with health issues and boring stuff like that. But I did make an amazing veg lasagna with fake ricotta cheese. Now that is an interesting product and one, I might add, that needs UBER improvement. I dealt with it and I think it came out okay in the end.

Now I am off to post the recipe….



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Tonight’s dinner is basically potatoes. I love them. I wish I could eat them without falling somewhat ill, but that’s what I made for my vegan vixen (is that wrong to call your teenage daughter a vixen? I mean…I just wanted to be alliterative).

I procured (to try) a purple sweet potato from the market the other day along with some Yukon golds. Tonight I peeled that bad boy and yeah, it was purple alright! My favourite colour!! Now I have remnants on my hands…. I put the bits in a large measuring cup and topped them with water. Did the same to the Yukons but put them in a separate container. I nuked them until they were juuuuust about ready.

In the meantime I chopped up to a small dice, some smokey tempeh. And I crisped that up. I used the entire container and then froze the rest so I have it on hand to add to things. I do the same thing with turkey and “real” bacon for the rest of us. (Okay, now I’ve got the phrase “…festivus for the rest of us” in my head.)

Put the taters on high heat w/some oil and browned away. When ready, I added fresh chopped garlic and cooked for a bit. Then added the cooked tempeh and a handful or so of frozen, chopped kale.

Taaa Daaaaa dinner was served and I do believe it is now a favourite because….who doesn’t just love potatoes??

~ V ~

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