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HAHAHA I’m so funny, donthca think??? 

Personally I lurve cashews and so does my ds. But this is a new animal for me… CASHEW CREAM. The recipe called for organic, raw cashews. Of which I had neither so I used roasted/salted cashews and changed the water twice. The result…I believe was just dandy.

I want to make this recipe from Roberto Martin’s cook book “Vegan Cooking for Carnivores” and it calls for cashew cream.

Unbeknownst to me…it has a lot of uses. So my first batch of about 3 cups, is in the fridge. You can freeze it as well. I am gonna try to make his fried chicken recipe. I hope it comes out okay.

I plan on using it for many things….as I find them lol

So….try it, you’ll like it!



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Vegan Salt --the blog

As fantastic as the vegan cupcake scene is (and believe me, the vegan cupcake scene is bigger, rowdier, and more colorful than a traveling acrobatic troupe) there’s been a noticeable lack of vegan donuts in the world. Okay, they’ve been lacking in MY vegan world. Until now, that is! These little cuties required no deep frying and no oven baking, making them a perfect pastry that’s bearable to make in the summer. Did I mention how easy these are to make? And how tasty they are? How adorable?

As my regular readers know, I haven’t blogged for several months, and during that break, I married my beloved soulmate.  =)

A couple of dear friends gave us a mini donut maker as a wedding gift. Here it is, surrounded by donut ingredients and the cookbook (another fantastic wedding gift) which contains the recipe I based my donuts on.  Yes, that’s

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…and a whole lot of you.

This is one of my favourite HCJ songs/covers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then…well baby, you’d better check it out LOL

Okay just look at him… how can you not want to at least meet him and flirt!! *swoon* I’m too old for this crap but dammit, I just love me some HCJ.

OK enough…

I’m back…almost four weeks post op.  I’m constantly tired and fatigued…I wish I didn’t have to have this surgery but… it’s okay I have my kids and my dh to help me and lots of friends. You only need something like that, right? Cannot count on any extended family members (except for one maybe)…and you know…that’s okay.  Because they feel if they actually help, that means they get to tell everyone EVERY thing about what’s going on. So…they are not a part of it.

In any event… pre-surgery, I made TVP chicken patties, egg salad and a casserole to divide and conquer (aka freeze). I didn’t want my leaf eating dd to go without.

I think it’s all worked out well but I do need to get back in the swing to make sure my dd gets what she needs to eat to live properly.

It’s always good when your kid is not starving LOL


I’ll be back (w/o any Arnold intonation) with more stuff later.

Until then, ciao and happy eating!


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