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Tonight’s dinner for my little vegan princess….

I wanted this to look artsy but I suck at that apparently LOL

I made a variation of my mushroom pie…used unsweetened almond milk, added tarragon, used baby ports, added nutmeg, freshly ground salt and pepper, a cup of chopped collard greens,  and a teeny kick of cayenne…. AND used little puff pastry shells…. We loved the little “hats.” LOL

I asked my dd if she wanted one or two. She said “one” but I made two and that little child ate both. YAY. I knew it. Do I know my kid or what??

The almond milk worked splendidly. I am still learning about milks. It was definitely creamier than other milks. If I had thought ahead, I would have thawed out some cashew cream … which recipe you can find here on “Vegan Cooking for the Carnivore”

This dude is amazing. I can’t wait to try some of his other recipes.

Well that was my excitement of the day except for the mini rain shower we had when it was sunny. It was nice, in my house, all quiet….just listening to the rain drops….

Until my next “adventure” ….



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Okay…Imma have to try this one!!!

Save the Kales!

That’s a lot of delicious in one little bowl! This soup is a perfect example of how I like to cook – think about tasty flavors and find a way to mush them all together. In this case, literally and the mushing was done with a food processor.

Tip for reluctant cooks: If all of your ingredients are yummy, it’s going to be difficult to make something that tastes bad. Trust your instincts! Have fun!

After making this soup, I realized I could have done a few things differently – namely, peeling the apples and sweet potatoes before baking them. I left the skins on and then squished out the insides once they were soft. (That sounds so violent, yikes!) The downside: some of the insides remained, and by peeling first I could have got a little more. The plus side: eating the baked apple and sweet potato skins with…

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…what you got cookin’?

(to hear the song click here)

DD has plans tonight so I made her dinner a little early.  I made a Carbonara-Primavera Pasta dish for her. And I made it all up in my head and I must say…it was very good. I’ll post the recipe here on Road Tests shortly.

It was creamy with bits of smokey tempeh (or as I say “fake bacon”),  sliced baby portas and peas with some spices added in.

It was a hit!! I’m so happy when something I make up works well. I wonder if I can freeze it… milk/cream dishes don’t freeze well but there’s none of that in here…. hmmm. I’ll try it for another time. Maybe put a sample in the freezer and next time make a double batch. There’s enough leftover for two snacks or a large meal. We’ll see what HRH wants me to do with it. lol

Here are pics of my creation(s):

Here is the sauce bubbling it’s happy little heart out!

And here it is! All ready for chow down time!

That was my excitement for the night!

Cheers to you!


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Tonight’s dinner consisted of pressed tofu using my TofuXpress, cut up into little triangles, light coating of sesame oil and some salt and then a light coating of corn starch.  Fried those bad boys up.

In the meantime I used Trader Joe’s Vegetable (Vegan) Fried Rice (you can find a photo/review by clicking here) and added some scallions. Cooked that they way it supposed to be. At the same time I was browning vegetable dumplings and then added water to let them steam.

Once it was all done, I put the tofu w/the rice and let that cook a bit more, just to get some of those yummy browned bits of rice on the bottom.

Made a dipping “sauce” just w/soy sauce and scallion.

Served. Whala! (ist that how you spell it?)

My girl and dh were happy and full.

Can’t get much better than that!


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I’m so ready…

…for Fall.

I love the smells

I love the breezes

I love the colours….




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