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Happy Spring! Did ya miss me?

Lots of changes in my life in the past two years. Check out “About Me” for  synopsis.

Altho my daughter is  no longer vegan or vegetarian, I will continue to post yummy recipes here and just chat about this, that and the other (as my friend, Shawn, likes to say lol).

After moving out July 2014 and then again April 2015, life has been topsy turvy and the dating world is not all it’s cracked up to be.  I’ve met some interesting men and some are friend now on Facebook.  Had my share of spamming attempts and I can smell them a mile away.

My ex and I are on friendly terms mostly. In April it will be 35 years since our first date. Long time.  He is very faithful w/alimony payments and whatever else was agreed to amongst us at mediation.

My son graduates in May. I’m so proud of him. He found his niche after a couple of changes in his major. He got engaged and they have been together almost 6 years. She’s a doll and I just love her. My daughter is a freshman at the same university and she makes me proud all the time. They are all my loves.

Tomorrow is Easter. I won’t be seeing my kids 😦  I typically don’t get to see them on holidays but after I move (yes again but this is it for a while lol) in May, I’ll only be 10 mins from them and I’ll be able to see them before they head up to their father’s.  Right now I’m 1.5 hours from them and it’s been difficult for me.

I’m done for now. I want to wish you a blessed Easter!

Thanks for listening.




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Okay, I know it’s supposed to be “love” but I couldn’t help it….it’s an “l” word too!!

A Chorus Line is one of my all time favourite soundtracks. Never saw the play and I regret never having seen it. Maybe if it’s revived some day.



my lunch

This was my lunch the other day….

Was supposed to meet a friend for his bday lunch but he cancelled. So I made myself something I threw together…

Spring greens with some basil infused olive oil and a black currant vanilla balsamic (veryyyy syrupy)….and after I tossed that, I placed an avocado chopped on top w/some strawberries. On the side I cooked a tortilla.

“Cooked?”  You say?  Well, store-bought tortillas suck. I know this because I can and have made my own. My mother taught me (one of the very few things she has contributed to my life) and when you buy a pack of tortillas…. they aren’t really cooked. They’re doughy. I am alarmed at how people just take them, warm them in a microwave and then eat them.

The herecy!!  I have always cooked mine on an open gas flame.  Whenever one wasn’t available, I used a cast iron skillet.


That is the only way to get some semblance of an authentic tortilla when you buy a pack of them.

I was just sharing my lunch with you….maybe we can do this real soon!




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Vegan edible glitter!!!!

The Vanilla Duck

20120819-023234 PM.jpg

 Oh beloved cupcake it has been awhile….

 Cupcakes have inevitably been off the baking menu for some time after an endless effort to acquire a new stash of piping bags.   After months of searching a batch was discovered in stock in the aisle of a supermarket of all places.

Finally, we could roll out the cupcake cases and get down to what we do best!


Cupcakes are a favourite in the Vanilla Duck kitchen. There is nothing more soothingly satisfying than piping a perfect swirl on top of a  beautifully baked, decadent cakey morsel.

This batch was a simple dairy free vanilla sponge with a vegan lemon buttercream. Simply adorned with a sprinkle of edible glitter and a sugar coated heart.  Quite tasty too apparently

20120819-023247 PM.jpg


110 grams of plain flour

110 grams of vegan margarine

110 grams of sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp of baking powder

Pinch o’salt


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Okay…Imma have to try this one!!!

Save the Kales!

That’s a lot of delicious in one little bowl! This soup is a perfect example of how I like to cook – think about tasty flavors and find a way to mush them all together. In this case, literally and the mushing was done with a food processor.

Tip for reluctant cooks: If all of your ingredients are yummy, it’s going to be difficult to make something that tastes bad. Trust your instincts! Have fun!

After making this soup, I realized I could have done a few things differently – namely, peeling the apples and sweet potatoes before baking them. I left the skins on and then squished out the insides once they were soft. (That sounds so violent, yikes!) The downside: some of the insides remained, and by peeling first I could have got a little more. The plus side: eating the baked apple and sweet potato skins with…

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Vegan Salt --the blog

As fantastic as the vegan cupcake scene is (and believe me, the vegan cupcake scene is bigger, rowdier, and more colorful than a traveling acrobatic troupe) there’s been a noticeable lack of vegan donuts in the world. Okay, they’ve been lacking in MY vegan world. Until now, that is! These little cuties required no deep frying and no oven baking, making them a perfect pastry that’s bearable to make in the summer. Did I mention how easy these are to make? And how tasty they are? How adorable?

As my regular readers know, I haven’t blogged for several months, and during that break, I married my beloved soulmate.  =)

A couple of dear friends gave us a mini donut maker as a wedding gift. Here it is, surrounded by donut ingredients and the cookbook (another fantastic wedding gift) which contains the recipe I based my donuts on.  Yes, that’s

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…and I say hello.

Good evening everyone.

Nothing profound to say….sorry it’s been a month since I’ve posted but so much in the vegan (and non vegan) world has occured that I just haven’t had time to share.

I will be having surgery on Monday. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I hope that God will see fit to keep me here a bit longer….

….if so, I’ll be back full force when the time is right.

Until then,



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