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Okay…the TofuXpress is AMAZING!! OMG after like ten mins I had more water out of the tofu than I ever had waiting for an hour w/it being weighted down. I seriously am in love.





Tonight I made a seitan/ramen noodle/kale thing w/Thai spices, garlic, peanut butter and fake chicken stock for my dd’s dinner. It tasted okay. She LOVED it. So that made my day.  I used the press to squeeze out the water in my frozen kale! OMG.

My dh decided not to eat his portion (he tasted it and it was good to him) and just save it for her, since she is the one w/special dietary needs.

I’m about to go pan saute some tilapia served with tarragon dressed harticot vert (just for you, Maya) for his din din.

Thanks for reading!!



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So Excited!!!

I got my TofuXpress in the mail!!! I bought the package w/the light spring attachment.

I can’t wait to use it.

I was going to post after I tried it out but I’m trying to contain my excitement since I won’t be able to use it for a few days.

I’m so happy I won’t have to weigh tofu down w/cans and all that stuff. OMG.

Has anyone here used it? If so what do you think?

Did I mention I’m really excited??!!


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…and a whole lot of you.

This is one of my favourite HCJ songs/covers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then…well baby, you’d better check it out LOL

Okay just look at him… how can you not want to at least meet him and flirt!! *swoon* I’m too old for this crap but dammit, I just love me some HCJ.

OK enough…

I’m back…almost four weeks post op.  I’m constantly tired and fatigued…I wish I didn’t have to have this surgery but… it’s okay I have my kids and my dh to help me and lots of friends. You only need something like that, right? Cannot count on any extended family members (except for one maybe)…and you know…that’s okay.  Because they feel if they actually help, that means they get to tell everyone EVERY thing about what’s going on. So…they are not a part of it.

In any event… pre-surgery, I made TVP chicken patties, egg salad and a casserole to divide and conquer (aka freeze). I didn’t want my leaf eating dd to go without.

I think it’s all worked out well but I do need to get back in the swing to make sure my dd gets what she needs to eat to live properly.

It’s always good when your kid is not starving LOL


I’ll be back (w/o any Arnold intonation) with more stuff later.

Until then, ciao and happy eating!


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No Never!!!!

OK that was a corny title. Oh well, you can’t say I didn’t try. Plus it rhymes…that alone makes it magical.

Let’s face it, burritos can be a boon to vegetarians and vegans … much like the “wrap” has made life so much easier for lots of people. This, however has never been a huge surprise to me. I grew up around Latin cultured people. A “wrap” was “tortilla with (insert filling here) in it” that’s all… or someone would say, “can I have a cheese tortilla?” and this means you heat a tortilla on a gas flame and dump some cheese in, fold it in thirds and whala..a wrap/portable quesadilla/tortilla y queso.  So I have found all this “spinning” of a simple way of eating annoying.

And before I get off my soapbox …. a burrito, imho, is a tortilla with beans and rice and that’s all. Some condiments maybe and maybe sometimes a hunk of meat but I just don’t see making into this HUGE amazing new thing by chain restaurants.

Oh and don’t get me started on the chimichanga…

Why did I go on and on about all this? Just to tell you that there’s a review of the Green Pepper restaurant (a burrito joint if you will) on my PIG OUT page. Check it out!



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I‘m serious…this stuff even I could eat every day… even the veganized version I make for the girl child.

I use it as a base and go on from there. But I do intend to get the spice mix down so I can just make a jar of it and have it handy all the time because that’s what makes it R A W K….

Tonight (forgot to take a photo) I made it in a frenzy because I forgot to make dinner. Just lost track of time. I made the entire meal in about 15 minutes. I will post tonight’s version on my Road Tests Page….

I buy it whenever it’s on sale. They sell it at Wegman’s and Fresh Market (FM). FM is a little pricier but closer to me than the nearest Wegman’s. I usually buy it at 2/$5.00  You can also order online from the Snapdragon Company along with their other (I’m sure) delicious choices. I have a feeling that their “Indonesian Peanut” variety is the same as the one pictured here but used for a different demographic.

I also want to make my own seitan. I have a mix so I’ll start from there. No, this isn’t a random remark, it’s relevant because I use it in this dish a lot. If I can deal with the mix, then I think I can handle doing the real thing but first things first… I tried the easiest method i.e., buy at Wegman’s in vacuum sealed pouches (I buy cubed for convenience, it’s the same price)… second is the easier method i.e., the mix. But I’m not quite sure third will be considered easy but I will have to let you know.

I’ve not been around for quite some time. Been super busy with health issues and boring stuff like that. But I did make an amazing veg lasagna with fake ricotta cheese. Now that is an interesting product and one, I might add, that needs UBER improvement. I dealt with it and I think it came out okay in the end.

Now I am off to post the recipe….



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….Gonna try these recipes soon. Click here to get the “raw” recipe (without adaptations, etc) the password is vegdread

Left to Right

First Row– Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream” … Coconut Curry Crockpot …  Quinoa Stuffed Peppers Southwest Style

Second Row – Vegan Lasagna … Whole Grain Platter … Peanut Stew

Third Row – Protein Bites

You know I will either rave about a recipe, complain about the recipe or change it so much that it won’t even look like the original! HAHA.

If you try any of these recipes either on “Road Tests” or this page’s link to “Recipes I’d Like to Try” please let me know!! I’d love to hear feedback on this stuff.

Happy Weekend to everyone!


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Here is the progress of my dd’s mushroom “kit” she received from Santa 😉

Taken over a course of a week from the start of the spores forming…


They were fabulous! They were delicate, light and delicious sauteed.

Get your own kit here ~ ‘SHROOMS



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