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…*face palm*

I figured out what those recipes mean by “mochi banana bread” or “mochi cookies” … they’re referring to the flour! Instead of calling the “key” ingredient by its REAL name, they just shorten it to “mochi.”

After reading those two tiny cookbooks, I get it now. For the life of me, I could not figure out how a person was making cupcakes and other baked goods with the mochi I knew and loved, the dried version.

So after I got over my feeling dumb and then feeling extremely irked (because of people’s inability to use the proper ingredient names), I was able to read the recipes with a regular frame of mind. (As if my mind has ever had such a thing but you know what I mean.)

These little cookbooks are great! You don’t need huge cookbooks dedicated to “mochi” because basically it’s a flour, as I knew, that’s used instead of the type of flour we all know and love. Below is a photo of the cookbooks. The Hawaiian one was great in providing the proper definitions of “mochi” for the reader.

I intend on making mochi for real perhaps next week. I will try to remember to post photos along the way, including detailing my horrible mistakes as I’m sure there will be plenty.



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