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….that’s good enough for me!

I loved that song. When my son was little, before my daughter was born, we’d watch Sesame Street together …  mostly because I loved that show! Fond memories of it… and I wanted him to have them as well. By the time my daughter came around, he was watching TLC’s Little Bear and Busy Town, etc. So she watched those as well with him. They were never the kind of kids that would just sit there staring at the TV. They watched and they would play at the same time or just get up and do something else. I, being the cartoon/animation freak I am, would be the only one left in the room sometimes watching the show.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure what brought that on except I was looking through my files looking for a picture for a post and found this one. I actually LOL…I was never a huge fruit and veggie eater. I love both, but they’re just so much work..all that cutting and chopping and monitoring (to make sure they don’t go bad as if you were some kind of food police). I never forced the stuff on my  kids but they did eat it because well, I guess I did force it in some respects. When they were wee little, they ate their baby food stuff. Then they got older and ate my eggplant parm or some other such thing. Then they didn’t. They just stopped one day.

That’s when I instituted the “no thank you helping” rule. They had to have a helping of whatever it was they thought they didn’t like or want and that’s all. It worked very well and unfortunately I STILL have to do this with my kids who are 16 and 19. What the heck is that all about?

I was searching online for vegan cooking classes in this area, just so I can get some more ideas maybe learn a technique or two. This turned out to be almost fruitless until I found this woman who lives nearby and has a FB account about her business/cause and will come to your house and show  you how to do it. It seems promising. We have emailed and I have to get back to her later on. It does sound like fun. 

Her blog is: http://savethekales.wordpress.com/ 

New Years’ day dinner was the traditional pork and ‘kraut but I made flash fried pork chops w/a panko crust and I cooked the kraut the way a German friend taught me years ago…it’s more of a sweeter ‘kraut but still has some sourness. For my daughter, I made tvp patties and a huge sweet potatoes. This time I put some tarragon in the patties along w/a splash of marjoram and nutmeg. They came out very nice. I had to stop my son from wolfing them down. He already had something like three chops.

Tomorrow I will be in NJ and will stop at Trader Joes for some fresh veggies and a couple of vegan treats for the girl child. She’ll be pleased.


♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯  Ohhhh cookie, cookie, cookie starts with “C”  ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯


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…of a white Christmas because it sure ain’t happenin’ here!

Bummer … but that’s not what it’s all about, is it? It’s not about snow or gifts. It’s about Mary having a baby ~ on hay! with animals and animal poop around! with no drugs! AND she didn’t even have sex and here she was pregnant. All I know is I wanted drugs and lots of them. And then, after all that, I couldn’t even get the bugger out by pushing for four hours. I can’t imagine going through 44 hours of labour in a barn…on hay…on the ground…with animal poop. They ended up having to perform an emergency-c for my kid  but if I were Mary, I’d have no choice … and well, I would have ended up losing my beautiful baby boy. In any event, I am thankful for Mary, being pregnant, never having had sex, humiliated … and Joseph who hurried to marry her, embarrassed and humiliated… getting her away so she can have her baby…the Son of God. Amazing, no?

Anyway, food for thought. No pun intended.

My daughter is making her now famous chocolate chip cookies, vegan style. I have yet to make her/the cheesecake for tomorrow’s dessert. I will start that after I put out the antipast tray. The brie is slowly coming to temperature…I can’t wait…I LOVE brie.

My husband brought me flowers today after visiting his parents with the kids. I don’t go there. Long story. Not worth my time to write nor yours to have to read. The people who I care about know and that’s all that matters. Also his sister who is visiting and moving North, stopped by unannounced today. Something I really do not like. I do not do this to anyone else and as a matter of fact, I feel terrible if I call before I stop by without scheduling a time, even if the person is perfectly fine with me stopping by unscheduled.

That was the reason for the flowers. The anxiety of the sibling visit and the anxiety of the parental visit (even tho I wasn’t going). He was kind of saying things for being civil lol.

Okay, that whole rant (of sorts) was totally random. Back to “normal.”

We have had artificial trees displayed here the past couple years. I am not a fan. I would rather have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree than a fake one (actually we have two we display). But since my husband is the one who tends to setting them up and decorating them (I adjust the ornaments later), I will deal with the ersatz trees by lighting an evergreen scented candle.

That brings me to another subject…candles. How can there be so many awfully disgusting smelling evergreen candles out there? I just want one that’s subtle and doesn’t give me a headache. This is, apparently, something that is not very easily achieved but I think I found one this year. And I believe this is so because I haven’t gotten a headache … yet. YAY!

Anyway, these “problems” ~ amongst any others I  may have ~ are a mere pittance compared to what Mary had to endure.

Have a blessed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

See you Monday, December 26, 2011.

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