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 …as my Grandma would say… she also said “Holy Smokes” and that there was a “Man in the Moon” and also, the Moon was made of cheese…. how odd that an entire planet would be made of a protein for the man that lives there….

Curiouser and Curiouser (said in a Sheldon Cooper voice…Big Bang Theory).

Oh!! She also said “string beans” and today they are commonly known as “green beans”


I remember pinching off the ends of those beans, whichever you called them, after we harvested….just a little tidbit of my life.

I have nothing to post…well I do but it’s boring…recovering from Sandy, calling for estimates, blah blah.

So tonight I thought I’d simply post what we had for dinner.

I love this product because you don’t have to use the sauce if you don’t want to…typically I do lol

I added some string beans w/some salt to the oil and heated them up and then dumped in the package. Thawed out the sauce in a bowl of hot water.  The beans caramelize nicely. I added the sauce with just a wee bit of water to make “more” sauce.  Served it with white rice I had nuked to perfection.

A hit!  I do it different every time. I’m out of frozen kale and the spinach I have is in blocks for bigger uses. It was very tasty. I did not want to stop eating it.

For us (my dh) carnivores. I am heating up a chicken pot pie in the oven. It smells heavenly….combined w/the orange chicken…ahhhhh

Who needs a holiday meal? Just come here and sniff about LOL



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Tonight’s dinner is basically potatoes. I love them. I wish I could eat them without falling somewhat ill, but that’s what I made for my vegan vixen (is that wrong to call your teenage daughter a vixen? I mean…I just wanted to be alliterative).

I procured (to try) a purple sweet potato from the market the other day along with some Yukon golds. Tonight I peeled that bad boy and yeah, it was purple alright! My favourite colour!! Now I have remnants on my hands…. I put the bits in a large measuring cup and topped them with water. Did the same to the Yukons but put them in a separate container. I nuked them until they were juuuuust about ready.

In the meantime I chopped up to a small dice, some smokey tempeh. And I crisped that up. I used the entire container and then froze the rest so I have it on hand to add to things. I do the same thing with turkey and “real” bacon for the rest of us. (Okay, now I’ve got the phrase “…festivus for the rest of us” in my head.)

Put the taters on high heat w/some oil and browned away. When ready, I added fresh chopped garlic and cooked for a bit. Then added the cooked tempeh and a handful or so of frozen, chopped kale.

Taaa Daaaaa dinner was served and I do believe it is now a favourite because….who doesn’t just love potatoes??

~ V ~

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