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That’s not exactly what I said to my child when she told me she was “now a vegan.” I think it was something like, “huh” as in a matter of fact, that’s interesting sort of sound.

I knew what this meant, as long ago I decided to try vegetarianism and opted not to go to “extremes” by being a vegan. I quickly decided that while I loved veggies and fruit and grains, I was not willing to give up an occasional steak or other meats.

It has been approximately 2-3 months (seems like a year lol) since her announcement and since our entire household was turned upside down with respect to eating meals. It was already in a loop from my son’s departure for his first year of college in that we went from having to serve huge quanitities of food to satiate him, to just the three of us (my daughter ate like a bird as it was) …. then it was two plus one=Two “regular” eaters and one vegan.

This is a struggle as I have not yet adjusted to my son’s absence from the family meals.  Do I cook separate meals? Sometimes. Do I cook meals that we all can eat, sometimes. Am I totally and utterly confused, lacking a cooking routine, and sometimes feel as if I’m insane? AB-SO-LUTELY.

This is a place for me to talk to myself and let others see me deteriorate mentally as I am constantly searching for recipes, definitions, and legitimate cookbooks that I can understand.

Welcome to my food insanity.


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