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         …Joy, Joy


Cookies!!! YESSSSS!! 

My daughter made cookies yesterday afternoon ~ snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and cutouts. Here is a phone camera shot of them below, not the best shot but it will do. Tonight she made chocolate chip cookies and they were AMAZING!! OMG.

Today I went to Whole Foods. The ENTIRE reason I wanted to go there was to buy Grainassance’s mochi sheets. I left there after spending $221 … nope, that’s not a mistake. (((Sigh…HUGE Sigh))) 

I bought a lot of stuff that normally, under any other circumstance, I wouldn’t buy … and I bought more than one. Whole Foods is about an hour from my house and not a place I would frequent except MAYBE once/month. I bought Earth Balance butter and “frying” butter i.e., lard. I bought one of the former and two of the latter. I bought several types of pre-prepared food from their “salad/food” bar(marinated tropical teryaki grilled tofu; “egg” salad; green bean dish). I bought three different types of pints of ice cream, several types of different vegan  yogurt, different “food” bars, fruit snacks, veggie sticks/chips and other assorted snack bags; organic baking ingredients; smart links and bacon; pie crusts; frozen meals (omg $5+ a pop).

Also I bought things like a healing lotion that’s vegan for my daughter, an odor eliminator that was $7; a vegan magazine; chicken curry salad for moi; I can’t remember the rest. But I will say I was VERY shocked at the bottom line. I thought maybe $125. Man oh man.

I was excited to be able to buy things that I can buy at my grocery store but they only have one flavor of the product or some other such thing. A lot of the stuff I bought was to taste how it “should” taste so that when I make it, I have a marker to work towards and possibly improve.

It’s kind of exciting to learn a whole new way of cooking and I will not be able to continue to spend this kind of money … I want to be able to make a lot of this from scratch and I know I can…I’m an excellent gourmet cook but haven’t been able to cook as such since children LOL.

I’ve babbled enough…the typings of a tired, old mom. 😀

And taaaa-daaaaaa my girl’s cookies from Sunday ~


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…*face palm*

I figured out what those recipes mean by “mochi banana bread” or “mochi cookies” … they’re referring to the flour! Instead of calling the “key” ingredient by its REAL name, they just shorten it to “mochi.”

After reading those two tiny cookbooks, I get it now. For the life of me, I could not figure out how a person was making cupcakes and other baked goods with the mochi I knew and loved, the dried version.

So after I got over my feeling dumb and then feeling extremely irked (because of people’s inability to use the proper ingredient names), I was able to read the recipes with a regular frame of mind. (As if my mind has ever had such a thing but you know what I mean.)

These little cookbooks are great! You don’t need huge cookbooks dedicated to “mochi” because basically it’s a flour, as I knew, that’s used instead of the type of flour we all know and love. Below is a photo of the cookbooks. The Hawaiian one was great in providing the proper definitions of “mochi” for the reader.

I intend on making mochi for real perhaps next week. I will try to remember to post photos along the way, including detailing my horrible mistakes as I’m sure there will be plenty.


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…to mochi land!


I found the rice flour I needed to make mochi yesterday at a market that is primarily Japanese foods. This old guy is married to a Japanese woman, who is his same age. They had TWO boxes left and I got them! Seems all the Asian markets are getting low on this flour. Chinese New Years is soon and this is usually only made once/year on new years’.

I went on the website for the producers of the flour, Koda Farms, to check out facts on the product and hopefully to gain more insight. I learned some stuff but not what I was looking for but…..


I will post all about them later. I need to read them thoroughly. They’re very thin so it won’t take long.

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…. is mochi.

Go ahead, Google it. You’ll get desserts…cookbooks…recipes for banana bread and cupcakes…and you’ll get all sorts of cartoons and tiny little knitted things.

We tried this several weeks ago when I purchased a flat sheet of the brown stuff. Turns out this is DRIED mochi. We hacked it up into little squares and baked it. It puffed up and the inside was airy and chewy and the outside was a little crispy. We liked it plain but I thought it could use some butter and salt.

GASP!! Did I say butter? Well, maybe I should have said “fake butter” which is what my husband and I refer to vegan foods in our house. I’ve used the word “fake” for many years to refer to things that I didn’t make from scratch…box mixed cakes, et al.  Now we have a whole new realm of “fakeness” … vegan products. Anyway I thought the baked mochi needed some butter and salt even if it was vegan butter, it needed something. OR cinnamon and sugar (of course it would have to be vegan approved sugar, not the white stuff that is near and dear to my heart because of bone char or some sort of thing like that).

It’s only been a few months and I already know way too much about this subject of vegan eating, than I ever EVER wanted to know.

So this is the mochi I’m familiar with… Grainaissance mochi

I just don’t understand this stuff. I’ve been cooking for many years. I love cooking new things. But this stuff intrigues me. I can make it by following the “traditional” method. This seems a little laborious for me. Or I can make it at home as demonstrated by this (and many other) videos on YouTube. There’s also a microwave version which was posted in Columbia University’s Columbia Daily Spectator on October 19, 2009.

In any event, I am befuddled. It’s like I’ve discovered a new animal/creature and don’t know what to name it or what to do with it.

I am off to B&N… they have a couple of books on the subject, cookbooks that is, and I just want to poke through a few of them to get some sort of handle on it.

Wish me luck.

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