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Tonight’s dinner for my little vegan princess….

I wanted this to look artsy but I suck at that apparently LOL

I made a variation of my mushroom pie…used unsweetened almond milk, added tarragon, used baby ports, added nutmeg, freshly ground salt and pepper, a cup of chopped collard greens,  and a teeny kick of cayenne…. AND used little puff pastry shells…. We loved the little “hats.” LOL

I asked my dd if she wanted one or two. She said “one” but I made two and that little child ate both. YAY. I knew it. Do I know my kid or what??

The almond milk worked splendidly. I am still learning about milks. It was definitely creamier than other milks. If I had thought ahead, I would have thawed out some cashew cream … which recipe you can find here on “Vegan Cooking for the Carnivore”

This dude is amazing. I can’t wait to try some of his other recipes.

Well that was my excitement of the day except for the mini rain shower we had when it was sunny. It was nice, in my house, all quiet….just listening to the rain drops….

Until my next “adventure” ….



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…wait…do Guinea Pigs oink or do they just make muffled grunts?

My family is my Guinea Pig tonight. Making Polenta Casserole (Vegan)….after reading several recipes and forums, I came up with something I think will be tasty….

I’ll be back later to update this post… if I make it out of the dining room alive!


Below is before the oven…after I took the shot, I sprinkled some paprika on it for colour.



Both of them liked it!! And they had seconds…YAY!!

Below are photos of it after I took it out of the oven



and then one after I cut into it for service so you could see the filling.


Find the recipe here on my Road Tests page.


Have a great night!




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Here is the progress of my dd’s mushroom “kit” she received from Santa 😉

Taken over a course of a week from the start of the spores forming…


They were fabulous! They were delicate, light and delicious sauteed.

Get your own kit here ~ ‘SHROOMS



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…I see you!

Remember that little game? I loved doing that with children, still do. However it is not why I’ve entitled this post as such.

My beautiful girl received this kit for Cmas from Santa. Yes, I still do Santa, but only one gift each. *shrug* It’s a mom thing plus it’s fun…having that extra present under the tree that wasn’t there before but now when you wake up, ta-da!

Back to the fungi ~ She started this kit about a month or so ago. And finally they’re starting to peek out but from up inside where it’s dark. Now almost everyone knows that ‘shrooms like the dark, humid atmosphere combined with just the right soil. However the instructions stated they should be placed in indirect sunlight. I would have done the opposite if it were my kit, but she followed the directions like a good little do-bee.

We are looking forward to a nice crop or two of these lovely delicacies. She and I are mushroom freaks, the boys not so much. Who cares about them anyway 😉

I can’t wait until this year’s Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square with Maya!

Happy Sunday!


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….of ingredients just waiting to be made into something great.

Well, maybe not great, but it will be tasty. I hope. I was bored earlier…

I sauteed off some mushrooms using vegan lard and adding thyme, freshly ground salt and pepper and a smidgen of garlic powder (mostly because that’s all I had left lol). I like to caramelize my veggies. And that’s kind of what I did to the mushrooms. I could eat an entire bowl of these mushrooms and still want more.

A month or so ago, the owner of LD Nails, Allentown, who makes my hands beautious, made a dish for my daughter to try. She’s Vietnamese. Her tofu in the dish was kind of odd-shaped and looked like fresh mozz that was stretched in funny ways. The food was delish. When I asked about how she got the tofu to look like that (which she says bean curd and never tofu), she thought I was pretty funny. Finally she figured out what I meant and I believe she said she used soft tofu, not silken. So that’s what I used tonight. Soft bean curd.

I tried to shape it but that doesn’t work. So I just ripped off chunks of it…I felt like a barbarian…and kind of smushed them and then tossed them into the hot vegan lard. I then added some soy sauce, and I really need help with this…it just got on some of the tofu and immediately was absorbed and so I madly stirred the stuff around to spread the love. I was trying to be careful because I didn’t want to cause the pieces to break up. I cooked it for a while and there was too much liquid to fry up properly. I realised then I should have pressed it a bit. So I let it all cook out and proceeded.

ANYWAY…. I added another pat of lard and then a dash of sesame oil and let it all sit there cooking. I left the room. When I started to smell something I went back in. It was all brown and crispy-ish on one side.  I turned over the pieces I thought really needed it and cooked them until there was some colour on the other side.

I tasted them after they had cooled off and drained and they were very nice. I liked the way it tasted. I was getting sick of the whole soft food deal. I do have teeth and so does my kid.

Tomorrow I will decide what to make…well I’ll be making it up as I go. I’ll post about it after it goes down.

Nighty night!

OH!! I forgot! Check out my new page of restaurant reviews … click on the pig!


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…trying a new recipe. Watch out!

I received an email from Allrecipes for “Mushroom Pie” and it looked yummy.

The only problem was that it’s non-vegan. No problem, I am going to convert the recipe so it is indeed vegan. (And you didn’t think vegetables proselytized, did you? hahaha sigh).

I will post several photos and the recipe as soon as it’s done. I already see an issue that may be a problem but I’ll figure that out when it’s out of the oven. The recipe I read called for putting the mixture on puff pastry and then sealing it. But there were other versions that were in a pie shell. I am using a vegan pie shell (Whole Foods®).

Now I know I can make my own pie shell but, as I explained earlier, I am buying the pre-made stuff for a while so I have a marker, good or bad, something to compare with what I make.

Here is my review of the pie (see recipe/photos on “Road Tests“):

It tastes very good. It looks really bad. The filling did not fill the pie crust, I believe if I doubled the recipe it would yield a much nicer looking and substantial dinner meal. I kind of had that feeling about it when I copied the recipe and looking at various reader photos on Allrecipes but I wanted to do it myself. And of course, I was right.

My daughter just told me/my husband that it was very good and she would like that again. She went back for seconds. I told her my thoughts on making it a thicker slice and she thought that wouldn’t be necessary. But if she got two regular slices, she’d only need one more substantial slice. Plus I would put a side salad with it.

So… onward and upward. No, not really. It just sound like something I should say.

NCIS is new tonight and I can’t wait! Then I’ll watch the rerun of Mob Wives which I missed on Sunday night.



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