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I have a seafood salad splotch on a vegan cookbook I was reading?

I love cookbooks. I read them like novels.

I’ve been reading ….



Betty Goes Vegan

Quick-Fix Vegan

Vegan Cooking for Carnivores


All three are fabulous in their own way! I highly recommend reading them.

I have made recipes from all three and they have come out beautifully. More to come on that topic.

So that’s basically what I’ve been up to these past few months (in between being violently sick on and off).

I’m gonna tell you tho…. the Tofu Xpress is AMAZING!!! It has changed the way I view and cook tofu!


Until next time…





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….Gonna try these recipes soon. Click here to get the “raw” recipe (without adaptations, etc) the password is vegdread

Left to Right

First Row– Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream” … Coconut Curry Crockpot …  Quinoa Stuffed Peppers Southwest Style

Second Row – Vegan Lasagna … Whole Grain Platter … Peanut Stew

Third Row – Protein Bites

You know I will either rave about a recipe, complain about the recipe or change it so much that it won’t even look like the original! HAHA.

If you try any of these recipes either on “Road Tests” or this page’s link to “Recipes I’d Like to Try” please let me know!! I’d love to hear feedback on this stuff.

Happy Weekend to everyone!


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….of ingredients just waiting to be made into something great.

Well, maybe not great, but it will be tasty. I hope. I was bored earlier…

I sauteed off some mushrooms using vegan lard and adding thyme, freshly ground salt and pepper and a smidgen of garlic powder (mostly because that’s all I had left lol). I like to caramelize my veggies. And that’s kind of what I did to the mushrooms. I could eat an entire bowl of these mushrooms and still want more.

A month or so ago, the owner of LD Nails, Allentown, who makes my hands beautious, made a dish for my daughter to try. She’s Vietnamese. Her tofu in the dish was kind of odd-shaped and looked like fresh mozz that was stretched in funny ways. The food was delish. When I asked about how she got the tofu to look like that (which she says bean curd and never tofu), she thought I was pretty funny. Finally she figured out what I meant and I believe she said she used soft tofu, not silken. So that’s what I used tonight. Soft bean curd.

I tried to shape it but that doesn’t work. So I just ripped off chunks of it…I felt like a barbarian…and kind of smushed them and then tossed them into the hot vegan lard. I then added some soy sauce, and I really need help with this…it just got on some of the tofu and immediately was absorbed and so I madly stirred the stuff around to spread the love. I was trying to be careful because I didn’t want to cause the pieces to break up. I cooked it for a while and there was too much liquid to fry up properly. I realised then I should have pressed it a bit. So I let it all cook out and proceeded.

ANYWAY…. I added another pat of lard and then a dash of sesame oil and let it all sit there cooking. I left the room. When I started to smell something I went back in. It was all brown and crispy-ish on one side.  I turned over the pieces I thought really needed it and cooked them until there was some colour on the other side.

I tasted them after they had cooled off and drained and they were very nice. I liked the way it tasted. I was getting sick of the whole soft food deal. I do have teeth and so does my kid.

Tomorrow I will decide what to make…well I’ll be making it up as I go. I’ll post about it after it goes down.

Nighty night!

OH!! I forgot! Check out my new page of restaurant reviews … click on the pig!


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…one, two, three


I feel like my patience and sanity are being tested every where I turn in the past couple days.  Let me ‘splain, Lucy.

Well obviously I didn’t post on the 26th as I said I would…doesn’t look like anyone is totally upset by this LOL

Christmas dinner went well. I made my daughter TVP chicken cutlets. She loved them. I found the recipe on vegweb.com and specifically here… vegan fried chicken … but I will also be starting a recipe tab as soon as I post this, I am trying to think of a name for the tab.  

She LOVED it. My son liked it, he ate the last 1 1/2 patties. My husband, the one whose support I count on…made a face. Sigh. I swear, as he gets older, he totally deteriorates in maturity. This concerns me mostly because all my life growing up girls were told that boys mature at a slower rate in both body and emotional levels. When they finally get to an age like, let’s say 47, you would expect the male figure to be, well a little MORE mature than he was at let’s say, 17, right? HA! Just wait, you’ll see what I mean.

But I digress…

The rest of us hunkered down on a standing rib roast, baked potatoes, and glazed carrots. The two sides my daughter ate as I made the glazed carrots with vegan friendly ingredients.

All in all it was a good Christmas until…. dessert time. I bought a vegan friendly, frozen apple pie. You bake it frozen so it’s kind of like a fresh pie.  Well I thought I’d be a little fancy pants and brush the top crust with “butter” and sprinkle pretty sugar crystals…the bigger kind, you know, that sparkles, etc. So I did that and popped it back in the oven to brown up a bit.

My daughter takes one look at the slice of pie she served herself and FREAKS! Apparently sugar crystals have confectioner’s glaze in them (not all but most) and that is made from a beetle secretion much like a bee makes honey. This is an animal product in a vegan’s eyes. I guess finally she decided she could just scrape off the little crystals off the top of the crust and eat the pie. Success!


Then came MONDAY. Well…drove her to the pediatrician’s office in NJ…a 90 minute ride but I’m not taking my kids anywhere else for their annual physical. They’ve had the same doctor since the day they were born and I trust her. She knows them better than anyone else. If they’re sick, which is rare, I take them to an MD here. Anyway it turns out she’s lost 16 lbs since last year. OMG! She is a stick anyway. So she’s 5′ 7″ and 105 lbs. The MD is NOT concerned about an ED at all. She is concerned that she eats properly and that she eats very little, if none at all, soy. Why?

Apparently soy is not good for women*…I had read about this a few years back and I forgot why but I do know I made sure I stayed away from it as much as I could. BUT now the other thing is the thyroid. Young women will find that if they consume large amounts of soy, they will have issues w/their thyroid years later in adulthood. I have been busy the past couple of days finding alternate sources of protein. The MD also told her to eat WHATEVER I make her and she must have beans or nuts w/every meal. *evil laughter*

Now to today. I was having coffee with a very good friend and relaying her the information about my daughter. She said she wonders if that’s why she had to have her thyroid removed years ago. She said that when she was born, she couldn’t tolerate milk and for several years she lived on soy products. Interesting. (At least to me.)

Tonight I made a fake stroganoff type thing for her using seitan. I will post that in my new tab and EVEN add a link to take you there on this post!

Turns out she really doesn’t like the texture of a meat product. It freaks her out. My husband tried it and said it was more mushroom like than meat like. But to a person who has not had any meat whatsoever for almost four months, it would taste like meat.

ANYWAY, that’s how things are going here.  I will revisit this post to add the proper Lancelot links for you 🙂


*Also not good for boys either due to the estrogen level found in soy.

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